Friday, 10 February 2012

HK0NA Malpelo Is DX Expedition

The excitement of chasing an all time new DXCC entity will always be great fun. I am very pleased to have had the good fortune of working them on 3 bands 40, 30 and 10 metres.

The signals were not very strong at best and I can only imagine this was largely due to the antennas point towards North and North East to the USA and Europe. Being 90 degrees off the beam heading makes it very difficult to get heard with my “tiny pistol” station.

But, once again due to the excellent skills of operators of the DX expedition I did manage a few CW QSOs.

The information, feedback and photos on the HK0NA web site was most welcome. I think each and everyone involved with this expedition deserves our support and gratitude. Thank You!!

There is some further interesting information available on the first DX expedition to Malpelo Is that was done 1969.

73, Pierre ZS6A

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