Friday, 27 September 2013

Feedback from DX expeditions

I stumbled across the following item: 

I am totally ignorant to the development of e-books and Kindles etc….

But, looking at the sample above makes me think that this could be a great way for the DX expedition stations to share their experiences with the world. This would be much better than the short reviews we see in the periodicals e.g. QST, since the review would not be limited by size.

I assume one could include a few sound clips in the text? If this is the case it could be the ideal way of telling the story.

A review of the expedition should contain many images and comprehensive information: from the planning phase, the travel, the antennas, the equipment, the team, the problems, the highlights, etc. and finally the statistics.

IMHO this would be better than a video?

I suspect if the cost of such a DX expedition electronic trip report was realistic, this could produce useful income to offset some of the costs encountered by the DX groups.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

More (new) 10m QRM ??

It seems as if we have a new source of QRM on the 10m band.

The interference can clearly be seen in the screenshot below.

The interference seems to start at 28.000 MHz and is visible and audible to 28.050 MHz. The signal sounds like polling, with replies from a diffrent transmitter, each lasting about 5 seconds in duration.

The screen shot was taken on 28.028 MHz CW with a wide filter selected. The signal seems to strongest at 010 degrees (true north) from my locatiom KG43eu

This signal is being heard in Cape Town and in Johannesburg; I suspect that this signal is being heard world wide, possibly the signal originates from the ME or Russia?

Feedback: with signal strength, direction and possibly screen shots from others hearing the same will appreciated, either as a comment to this blog or a direct email:

10m QRM 28.028 CW 24 Sep 2013


A while back I saw some mention of a DX expedition to HB0 - Principality of Liechtenstein. I then followed the links to the web site of Roman. When I checked my log I realized that I had not yet worked HB0. I then set the alert in HRD to alert me if and when they were spotted.

I was very pleased to say that it worked, not only was I alerted to the activity I could hear Roman calling CQ.

The signals were not very strong, but I managed to work both Roman and Uwe on 15 and 20m respectively.

An all-time new DXCC and a SOTA summit to boot……

This is pretty cool considering they were both using K3’s, barefoot with fairly simple wire antennas and operating portable.

Saturday, 21 September 2013

What happened to 6m TEP ?

We are at equinox and we have experienced virtually no TEP this season.

The experts are now talking about Maunders minimum and many other solar experts think the downturn is linked a different phenomenon, the Gleissberg cycle, which predicts a period of weaker solar activity every century or so. If that turns out to be true, the sun could remain unusually quiet through the middle of the 2020s.

This is indeed depressing news; let us hope they have it wrong. Just imagine if we have a second peak in April/May 2014 that results in a SFI > 200 

Now that would be fantastic…..

6m activity 20 Sep 2013

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

XZ1Z - Myanmar bagged….

I am rather pleased to have at last worked Zorro XZ1Z

I was unable to work him on his previous trip, mainly due to my salt mine activity.

I have been chasing him non-stop for two days. The pileups from Europe and Asia are simply horrendous.

IMHO Zorro is doing a splendid job; it cannot be easy for a single operator facing an unruly pileup hour after hour without losing his cool. He is also a fine CW operator.

Not only has he activated a very rare DXCC entity, he uploads to Club log and to LoTW regularly.

I have just been informed that the LoTW uploads get done after the OQRS system is used. I suppose this is still much better than not using LoTW. Apparently the “profit” will be used towards the welfare of the children in Myanmar.