Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Position, position, position….

The last few days have clearly shown just how important the geomagnetic latitude is with 6m TEP. Yesterday the German amateurs that operated V551V during the CQ-WW-WPX contest from V5 had a field day on 6m. 

I see they worked a few EA8 Canary Is stations and a station KP4 in Puerto Rico including many southern European stations. Unfortunately I only managed to work 4 stations during this opening.

 The line from V5 to South America (LU) was not a QSO, it was due to someone abusing the DX cluster.

The Namibian station is in Omaruru - JG78xo. Amazing what a difference of 500 km north can do? Ok they are also 1200 km west of Johannesburg.

I will be in Cape Town on Thursday and Friday, I suspect we will have a massive opening during that time….

73, Pierre ZS6A

6m activity 26 March 2012

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