Friday, 27 April 2012

Feeding Frenzy on the Magic Band…

I was very fortunate to have been part of another huge 6M TEP opening on 26 April 2012.

It was incredible to see how the normally dead band comes alive with signals, many with signals well over S9

Fortunately for us as South Africans we are still somewhat of a novelty for many Europeans.  For a few hours whilst the 6M band is open we can feel like what is must be like sitting on some rare island facing huge DX  pile ups.

The truth be told.  As much as my CW is my preferred mode, I am not quite ready to be at the wrong end of the pile up.  It sure was exciting and it got the adrenalin flowing.

It is rather frustrating to see the poor operating procedure used by some. 

During the pileup I hear for example a station with a LA prefix. Now I need Norway (LA) so I respond with “LA?” and 10 other prefixes call me. I reply with “ONLY LA LA PSE KN” and 10 other prefixes call…..

Heck, it is difficult not to lose ones cool. I guess it is my own inexperience that allowed this situation to develop? Maybe it is better to sit back and do nothing, hoping that the needed LA would keep on calling me and I should only respond once I have the full call?

I managed to make 161 QSOs (mostly CW), worked 71 Grids and 22 countries. 3 all time new ones including Denmark-OZ.

Have Fun !!

6M TEP 25 April 2012

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