Sunday, 9 September 2012

NH8S - Swains Island - Cracked

Can there be a better way to start the day than......

Leading on from my posting yesterday, regarding “cracking the system”, I thought it prudent to give some feedback.

NH8S Swains Island was weak on 20m and only peaked at S4. Signals were over the long path. Some stations in North America were reporting “real 59” so my chances were very slim at best.

I used Plan A, found the sweet spot and dropped my call once, followed by a pregnant pause.  Nothing heard.  Dropped my call the second time and Bingo! Logged them at 05:10 UTC.

There is nothing nicer than seeing a plan come together. Weeks of scheming, planning and the eventual success of hearing “ZS6A 599 TU”

What we do for fun……

Once again, I must state my respect to the skilled CW operators on these DX expeditions.

Good Job !

Short path
Long path

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