Thursday, 11 April 2013

Chasing paper…

It is not often I feel compelled to brag, but finally receiving the following award is somewhat different and I am pleased to share this information.

The award seems very easy to achieve. Basically one requires 200 CW QSOs confirmed with 200 separate South African amateur radio stations. So what is the big deal?

Well the truth is, there are not that many South Africans active on CW anymore. I had to use QSL confirmations dating as far back as 1975 (38 years) to find sufficient QSLs to enable me to qualify for this award.

Sadly looking at my QSLs, many of the radio amateurs are no longer with us.Some 13% are now SK

This award with CW endorsement has only been issued once before to: Chris ZS6EZ in 2001 and the award has been running for some 55 years, since 1958.

I sure hope that this won’t be the last mojo mode endorsed WAZS-200. IMHO theWAZS-300 will be impossible to achieve…..

ZS6A WAZS-200-CW No 2

Out of the blue today, another pleasant surprise!

ZS6A ARRL DX contest CW

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