Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Club Log – Best kept secret

I am sure we have all used club log before, but I suspect there are others like me that did not realize that there is much more to it than what meets the eye.

The full potential is only realized after one uploads your log to the system. It provides the user with very detailed statistics:

Countries worked / confirmed / needed/ by band / by mode /by date etc…..

It alerts one of mistakes, logging errors and even highlights calls that are suspect or illegal (pirate) operations.

The user can decide if his logs should remain private or whether they can be viewed by other users. Personally I think the logs should be placed in the public domain; this will allow the league standings to be meaningful and will promote healthy competition amongst peers.

By uploading logs to Club Log will also enable the system to determine which entities are most wanted; in turn the DX expedition planners will use this information to provide us with much needed new ones.

It is quite amazing all this good stuff and it is for free, no strings attached…..


  1. Of course, you realize that all this good stuff is not actually for free. It costs ClubLog around $11 600 per annum to bring this functionality to the amateur community and maintain their IT infrastructure. It's only through the donations of those who do truly appreciate Club Log that this service continues to be enjoyed. Do the right thing and support them!

  2. Dear Any-mouse,

    I far prefer communicating with someone with a name :-)

    Your comment is noted. I agree with your comment, I will most likely give a donation in due course.

    There are a few considerations:

    I would imagine a certain amount of funding is generated by the Club Log OQRS system?

    If all the Club Log users saw it fit to donate to the running, then it would require a very small donation.

    73, Pierre ZS6A

  3. I feel the same way about ClubLog - the more I use it, the more I appreciate its capabilities. The charts and graphs are fun to look at but what I really like is not having to update my own logging program with "exceptions". For example ZM90DX has recently been on the air - my logging program incorrectly says it's Chatham Island but ClubLog knows better and credits the contact to the proper entity. Ditto for numerous other exceptions that occur frequently and may not be so widely known about.

  4. Hello Pierre, I was able to correct a lot of my log through clublog. It's a great thing it exists. But in this economical difficult times I stopped funding everything. There are alternatives, but till now nothing meets clublog. 73, Bas

  5. I have been using Club log for about 6 months and it's great!