Monday, 16 December 2013

DX Expeditions – The way forward

Recently I stumbled across something which I believe is totally unique and IMHO the best thing since ice cream with regards to trip reports and feedback from the DX expeditions.

Well it actually is not new at all, but for some strange reason it has not become popular yet.

I am referring to trip reports from the DX expeditions using e-books (e.g. Kindel) I have just downloaded the e-book "3B7C The Saint Brandon DXpedition 2007" from

The 3B7C trip report is now available on my iPad and that will be my bedtime reading material for the next few days.

This is right up my alley; plenty photos with short bits of anecdotal information. IMHO this is way better than any video. I believe this is possibly the best way to create a bit of revenue to pay some of the cost incurred and to fund future expeditions.

Best off all creating a e-book does not require one to be some fancy author with literary skills. This is well within the capabilities of the average radio amateur.

I certainly hope this idea/concept will become more popular in the future.

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