Friday, 21 February 2014

Another killer tool....

I have discovered another 6m DX killer tool embedded amongst all the other useful functions of Clublog.

Select “Propagation” on the left menu.
Select the DXCC country e.g. Australia and click on “Run propagation report”.

The very first graph is for 6m. With this one can see at a glance if the country has been worked and how frequently and what the prime times are. One can also refine the search by selecting the month.

Using this one can clearly see based on the uploaded logs the best month by far to have a 6m QSO between South Africa and Australia is April and the optimum time is 0600Z and 0800Z.

Then as a reality check select Italy and run the test again.

The data is accurate, but to be really useful it needs the buy in from all the regular 6m users. I suspect that only a small percentage of the regular 6m DX’ers use Clublog.

This powerful tool can only deliver if we all upload our logs to Clublog.

6m activity derived from uploaded logs

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