Thursday, 18 December 2014

WSPR’ing on 10m

My interest in WSPR has been rekindled. WSPR is a fantastic tool; it is most useful in understanding the behaviour of propagation.

I believe WSPR can be also be used obtain other meaningful data for example: making antenna comparisons, dispelling many of the wild claims made by the antenna designers and manufacturers. At some stage I would like to pursue this aspect of WSPR.

Today I was playing a bit with WSPR on 10m. Initially I was using 5 watts (37 dBW) and that worked very well. I then reduced the transmit power to 1 watt (30 dBW)

The image below clearly shows what can be achieved with 1 watt and a simple dipole at 8m (25 Ft) agl.

Tomorrow I hope to reduce the power to 100 mW (20 dBW)

WSPR combined with the Reverse Beacon Network is simply amazing. The persons behind WSPR program and the Reverse Beacon Network deserve our heartfelt gratitude.

Click on image below for a more detailed view.

WSPR 10m 1 watt (30 dBW)


  1. Pierre:

    I spotted your WSPR signal on 10m yesterday!

  2. Hello Pierre, WSPR is fantastic for propagation. Please notice that 5 watt is 37 dBm. Thus 37 dB stronger than 1 milliwatt.
    100 mW in WSPR can be compared with 2 watts in CW. (20 x is 13 dB)
    So WSPRing with 100 mW will show the possible propagation with CW with 2 watts. hi. 73, Bert