Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Getting ready for 6M TEP

I was very fortunate to experience the magic of 6M for the first time during a few days in March and April this year. I was using a pretty simple setup for 6M, a 3 element Yagi and my IC756 Pro 3.

Working DX on 6M is made easier by utilizing the great facilities such as the ON4KST chat facility and other VHF web sites.

Today I came across a most useful site “6M online” amongst other things it has a online archive of DX QSO/Spots made mapped onto a world map starting from 1 January 2011. This is most useful, pity it does not go back even further in time.

I made many 6M DX TEP QSOs during 28 March and 8/9 April 2011 and these opening can clearly be viewed in this archive.

The good news for Southern Africa stations is that we should have similar TEP openings again in September and October during the upcoming Equinox period.

This coincides nicely with the 7P8EME DX expedition 16 – 29 September.

The screenshot below was taken during my very 1st 6M TEP CW QSO with 4X4TL on 28 March 2011

Time to get the stations ready……

My 1st 6M TEP DX 28 March 2011

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