Tuesday, 6 September 2011

SARL WAZS Award with CW

SARL WAZS-200 Award with CW endorsement.
The above award has only been issued once before and that was to Chris ZS6EZ in Dec 2001.
I am now in a position where I have nearly enough ZS CW QSOs confirmed to be awarded the same.
My award status:  I have 180 QSOs confirmed. With a further 9 stations worked, but awaiting QSL confirmation. So I am desperately looking for at least another 11 ZS CW contacts.
As I was typing this I heard Roger ZS1J calling CQ on 7020 kHz. Well, I worked him and now I need 10. Roger has been around for a very long time, but has been inactive for a number of years.  I am very pleased with a new one for my CW log.  He claims he is rusty, but he has a superb fist straight key and all.
Request to ZS Radio amateurs:
If we have not had a CW QSO before then please give me a call.
Don’t be concerned with being rusty, the QSO can be kept to the absolute minimum "rubber stamp" QSO or that the QSO was made possible by using a PC. I don’t care. I need the CW QSOs. You will be helping me a great deal toward reaching my goal.
I monitor 7020 kHz most of the time.
73, Pierre ZS6A

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