Sunday, 18 December 2011

Radio sport / Amateur Radio contesting, what’s the point?

I have been licensed for since 1975 (36 years) and never quite understood why anyone would want to consider exchanging a quick “599 001 TU” as satisfying?  Now, that I have participated in a quite a few local and international contests I find them most rewarding. So much so, that I really don’t get involved in any rag chews anymore.

Taking part in contests is not only about outright winning or achieving a good place it is also a great way to work new DXCC countries in a short period of time. It is also a very good test of one’s own skills and station capabilities. The great thing about this radio sport is that one does not necessarily need to be in the big gun category. We all have a place, whether QRP, antenna restricted to the unlimited stations, we can all have fun.

Looking at where we are now at in cycle 24, I can only imagine that the next two or three years should be most rewarding and I am looking forward to see what can be achieved.

73, Pierre ZS6A

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  1. Hello Pierre, I think no everyone agrees with your post. But it is indeed true. As I do have limited time for the hobby and like to DX doing a contest is a great way to work some nice DX in a short time. And no, 599 is not rewarding to me, but I guess the report is actually not important in contesting. 73, Bas