Friday, 30 December 2011

Worked a QRP legend – GM3OXX

I had the pleasure of working one of the QRP legends a few moments ago. I was monitoring 28.060 MHz as I often do and I heard some weak signal calling CQ and the /QRP stood out like a sore thumb.

On careful listening I could make out that it was George Burt GM3OXX/QRP

I called him on QRP and was surprised that he immediately came back to my call. I gave him a 559, but in all honesty he was more like a 339 with QSB.

I then checked him out on Google and QRZ and was pretty chuffed to find that he is one of the great QRP pioneers.

Not sure what power he was using. I will review the recording I made; maybe it will reveal more info.

Who said QRP is for the birds?

73, Pierre ZS6A


  1. Congratulations Pierre on the contact it's nice to run into these contacts now and then.

  2. Hi Pierre

    You have jogged the memory - I still owe George a QSL card froma couple of years ago - also 2xQRP.

    Its long overdue that I get some printed.

    Vincent ZS6BTY