Saturday, 26 May 2012

CQ-WPX-CW from the slow lane….Day 1

Just yesterday I saw the published results of the ARRL 10 completion that was held in December 2011. It reminded me how fortunate I was to be able take part in that contest. Conditions were excellent and the contest statistics reveal the same.

I was hoping that with this weekend’s CQ-WPX-CW contest would have reasonable condition prevailing, but it does not seem to be the case. I decided I wanted to use 10m only during this contest to boost my 10m log as far as possible, before, dare I say the down turn of the solar cycle commences.

Propagation seems very subdued with low levels of activity on 10m. 

One big highlight was working OM Ivor VR2ZQZ/P (once again). Have a look at and you will understand. This is amateur radio at its best. I admire the spirit and tenacity of these individuals in our hobby.

 73, Pierre ZS6A


VR2ZQZ /P QSL card


  1. Real portable DX station....great. Excellent location is important and that is what those guys understood well... 73, Bas

  2. Bas,

    I agree. A good location is most useful. A fairly high vantage point with a clear drop-off in all the desired directions with the ocean in close proximity is a recipe for success. I suspect that the ambient noise level is much lower as one would expect in a built up area. Then on top of that 5 plus element mono band Yagi to boot….

    Good Luck !!