Saturday, 26 May 2012

SOTA Dilemma….

Looking at the frequencies used on SOTA activations and plotting it on a graph clearly shows the popularity of the most common frequencies being used.

Their choice of frequency to use is governed by their location and the prevailing skip. It is thus obvious why in Europe 40m and 2m are so popular. This is followed by the use of 20m and 30m band. The higher bands 15m and 10m are almost never used.

It goes without saying the regular frequencies 40m, 2m, 30m, 40m, 60m and 70 CM are not suitable frequencies we need to be using 10m, 12m or 15m if we wanted to work the International SOTA stations.

No wonder we never hear international SOTA station activity from South Africa.

IMHO if one considers all the aspects, propagation, number of F2 hops, losses, QRP and less than perfect antennas etc. we as South Africans need to use 15m, 12m or 10m to have any chance in working international SOTA stations.

This is a bit of a dilemma, I suppose the North Americans, Asians and the stations in Oceana are in the same predicament?

Click on graph for a more detailed view.
SOTA: number of activations by band

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  1. I agree Pierre, it goes both ways. Many/most local activations are on 2 and 40m only so it really becomes "local" activations.

    We need to look at this, more DX SOTA contacts will definitely make the whole SOTA thing more exciting for me, I am sure there are others who feel the same way.

    73, Rudi de ZS6DX