Monday, 13 August 2012

Reflections from D64K

A while back, I saw a posting on the D64K - DX expedition to Comoros Islands web site. It was obvious that they were very well equipped for 6m. They had a serious antenna; low loss feed lines and some power to boot. The plan was to operate EME at their moon rise and moon set, some TEP/F2 work and possibly MS work into Africa.

I determined that the distance was 2,247 km from my QTH. After speaking to some of the local VHF doyens my initial excitement was a bit dampened. They thought that it was just a bit too far and my expectations were unrealistic.

Yesterday I saw on the reflector that they were beaming towards Africa using FSK441. Due to some confusion it turned out we were all transmitting in the same period. After 30 minutes, I stopped transmission and decoded a ping from them. Only after the sked did I realize that the 140 ms long ping contained the full call and grid locator. See screen shot below. I immediately arranged for a further sked.

We have just completed another marathon session of 1 hour and 20 minutes. I received absolutely nothing from them this morning. After we quit, I received a message from them stating that they decoded 4 pings from me, the longest being 2 seconds long. This was incredibly good news!

I believe we have a real chance at completing a MS QSO, we just need patience and a few rocks from the Perseids meteor shower……

After looking at the South African VHF records, I now understand why the doyens were skeptical. The record distance via meteor scatter is only 1,929 km

Good thing I did not see this before……

ZS6A - D64K 6m MS 2,247 km


  1. Hi Pierre, op watter Frek het julle gewerk?

    Nico ZS4N

  2. Hello Nico,

    50.193 FSK441

    Braam ZS6AYE managed to work D64K this morning.

    This is a distance of 2,011 km, I believe it is a new South African 6m MS record?

    73, Pierre ZS6A