Saturday, 18 January 2014

Exciting times…

This morning whilst watching the progress of the Brave heart on its way to Amsterdam Island I saw FW5JJ being spotted on 15m. I have been trying to work Jean-Jaques for several weeks without success. For some odd reason he is not workable, in fact that is putting it mildly. I have not heard a whisper from him.  That all changed this morning we had a brief opening and he was just above the noise, I called once and he was in the bag. This on SSB, very weird, I thought CW would be our only chance. Just goes to show, never give up.

ATNO # 264 in the log

I believe Heard Island is also on the cards (January 2015). It looks as if they might be using Cape Town as the staging port. That is also good news. I sure hope the locals will shower them with South African hospitality.

Heard Island

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  1. Hello Pierre, congrats on the nice contact, with just ONE call. FB 73, Bert