Sunday, 26 January 2014

The ARRL Honor Roll – Reality check

Whilst waiting for FT5ZM to make an appearance I was exploring some of the Clublog functions. Clublog is a fantastic tool, it has so many useful functions.

I digress….

Recently I had a chat with one of our top DX’ers Bernie ZS4TX about the difficulty of achieving No 1 on the HR. He made a statement along the lines off “it takes about the same time to work and confirm the last 9 entities as it takes to reach the bottom rung of the Honor Roll (331 DXCC entities confirmed)”

The graph below confirms that statement.

I used the same Clublog function on several of the top DX’ers and the graph pretty much looks the same. Achieving 300 entitles in one solar cycle is feasible, but then the real test of patience start…….

ZS4TX DXCC timeline

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