Saturday, 22 October 2011

SARL QRP Oct 2011 contest

I have just returned from taking part in the last leg of the SARL QRP contests for 2011. I set up a small ultra light field station in our local park at the Rynefield dam.

I used the tiny HB-1a transceiver and small 3 AH SLA battery, Kent paddle and a newly built 40M dipole. I arrived at the site 45 Minutes before the start of the event and quickly erected my inverted vee using a fairly large tree as the support. I used the underhand toss method for the first time and used a water filled plastic bottle as the weight. I am pleased to say the method works very well indeed, much better than what I anticipated.

I was ready for action with 15 minutes to spare.

I managed to make 15 CW QRP QSOs and a further 2 cross band QSOs. Not too bad considering that we don’t have many CW capable operators active locally.

This outdoors QRP stuff, is great Fun !!


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