Monday, 17 October 2011

T32C Kiritimati DX Expedition

I had a very pleasant start to my day.

This morning I went looking for T32C and found them with a fairly weak signal on 18 MHz.

I dropped my call once and immediately they responded after the first attempt. The real RST was only 439 so the operator must have exceptional abilities IMHO. 

I would have been over the moon if it was with QRP, but alas it was with high power and a poor antenna.

The online log showed the QSO as logged within minutes of our contact. I am also pleased to see that they will be uploading to LoTW within 6 months. Based on this I think I will make a small donation to them.

Now, I am greedy and will see if I can work them on more bands. I was hoping to catch them on 15 or 10 meters, but nothing heard yet.

10M has been alive with activity all day. This is so nice to see.


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