Monday, 30 July 2012

Another DXCC entity bites the dust….

I am over the moon with working Saint Paul Island CY9M today on 10m.

I have been trying for days without any success. They were workable on 40 and 30m, especially 30m, but the wall was just too big and I had no chance of a QSO.

Today at 12:30z I was lucky enough to be one of the first to see them being spotted as being active on 10m CW. I was there in a flash. The VOCAP predictions did not show any chance of propagation between us so I was a bit negative, but I was extremely pleased to see them romping in with a S7 signal. One single call and the deed was done……

Once again I must say I have huge respect for the very capable DX expeditions. This CW operator was most capable and efficient.

This QSO should give me my DXCC on 10m with 100 confirmed entities.

73, Pierre ZS6A


  1. Good job, Pierre. I have usually found VOACAP to be remakably accurate but - fortunately in this case - not always so.

    In the past week, several new upcoming DXpeditions have been announced for this fall, many to quite rare entities. It should be a fun season.

  2. Hi John,

    I also find that VOACAP predictions most useful, but I guess this does demonstrate that we must remain optimistic and hope for condition better than forecast. This is especially true on the lower bands.

    I managed to work CY9M again, this time on 15m.

    Conditions on HF and 6m should be improving soon as we approach the equinox…….

    73, Pierre ZS6A