Thursday, 5 July 2012

LoTW works

I am extremely pleased to see the high success rate I am achieving on getting QSOs confirmed via LoTW. Many of these are truly rare DX stations that could easily have chosen the more lucrative Dollar collecting route, but they choose to support the LoTW system.  I think it is becoming very clear who the real amateurs are as opposed to the ones with ulterior motives?

I operate a small pistol station with very basic antennas on HF, yet I am very close to obtaining a DXCC on 10m primarily using CW in about a year. I have also had good results on 6m from working mainly European stations. In many cases, I received a LoTW confirmation and a paper QSL card for the 6m QSOs.

This is almost without any effort.  This was achieved mainly due to the effectiveness of LoTW and the radio amateurs that choose to support the LoTW program.

Thank You!!

Pierre ZS6A

LoTW Jun 2012


  1. Hi, Pierre - I too am very happy about the high success rate I have with LotW. I get about 40% of my QSOs confirmed with LotW, eQSL rate is about 33%. I still get about 10% response via bureau cards but LotW has helped reduce that.

    I recently made 1500 contacts as KP2/K3TN and have already gotten about 400 LotW confirmations, 300 eQSL and about 35 direct cards. When people send $2 with a direct card request, I do make about a $.75 US profit, as postage is $1.05 and card/label costs are maybe another 25 cents. But I would much rather save the time and not get the 75 cents!

    73 John K3TN

  2. Hi John,

    I have become spoilt with the ease and convenience of LoTW. Receiving and replying to paper QSL cards from the buro is way to time consuming and has become a PITA.

    I had a look at your Blog, you have a great writing style, and I certainly will be reading it more often.

    73 Pierre ZS6A