Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Frustrations with LID’s, QRM and other nastiness….

You might be wondering what I am rambling on about again.

For a change I am in control of all of the above and yet I choose to live with it, and why?

Well I have been playing with the brilliant piece of software “Morse Runner” I had downloaded this software some years ago and never really thought it was worth much. I was wrong; this is a brilliant tool to sharpen CW contest skills. It is so incredibly realistic that one soon forgets that it is only a virtual contest. All the normal issues of: QRM, QRN, Flutter, chirp, poor operating technique and other LID like behavior is present. Even the ‘fists’ and character spacing is accurately replicated.

I have no doubt that if I had the discipline to use this tool for 30 minutes a day that my CW skills would improve in no time to a point where I would be more comfortable with ‘running’ in contests.

I believe, Alex Shovkoplyas VE3NE has done the amateur radio a huge favour by making this fantastic software available for free. I am sure thankful.

We have no excuse we can be contest ready at all times, regardless of the band conditions and or work schedules etc…..

Morse Runner 31 July 2012


  1. It really is very realistic. I try to use it a couple days before the big contests just to acclimate my mind/ear to how things will be. I also like the "Single Calls" function.

  2. I agree Pierre that Morse Runner is a most realistic piece of software. I also try and use it as often as possible to sharpen up my skills. It is one piece of software that stops you trying to guess a word and makes you concentrate on letters and numbers. I don't as a rule use the LID option as it can then get very frustrating!
    73 Ian ZL2AIM

  3. Hi Ian,

    I was so pleased to hear from you again. Hope and trust New Zealand is treating you well.

    I am very impressed with Morse Runner, if only in the real world the pile up would have the same discipline when it comes to working with partials. I seems in the real world if you for example hear only “ZL2…..” and missed the rest if you reply with “ZL2” or “ZL2?” it is a signal for all stations to go ahead and call again.

    I don’t like venting my frustrations, but that is something that puzzles me no end. As far as I am concerned that is very impolite, possibly even rude?

    Morse Runner is great, if only I could somehow have the discipline to practice with it for 30 minutes a day.

    For the new comers that want to learn CW from scratch I will still recommend the G4FON Morse Trainer as being amongst the best programs available.

    Have Fun !!

    Pierre ZS6A