Monday, 24 November 2014

Clear operating procedure

The following extract is from the profile of Alexey HC2AO

“I don't like to specify JA only or EU only but there may be times when I will stop the pileup and address a specific geographic area. Please respect that and give a chance to the hard-to-get guys in zones 17,18,22, 23, 29, 37 especially on 80 and 160. You CAN call at any time if you are in AFRICA, PACIFIC, ASIA (excluding JA since I'll call JA specifically), OCEANIA.  North American HAMs please be patient on low bands 160 through 40 at EU, AS sunset-sunrise time frame.”

I am very pleased to see that some rare entities understand the problem that DXers outside of North America, Europe and Japan have. Calls are often made to selective geographic areas normally: NA, EU and JA. Where does it leave the poor DXers in Africa, Oceana, Pacific and Asia?

To address this issue they (e.g. Alexey) find it prudent to include the clause above within their operating procedure:

Give that man a “Bells” !

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