Monday, 10 November 2014

Disgusting manners / radio procedures

I fully aware that the title of this rant is strongly worded, but I believe it is high time that we question our operating procedures especially when it comes to chasing DX.

In just about each and every pile-up lately I saw the following behaviour:

The DX station hears a partial call and then responds along the line of “W1A?”, that seemingly is the green light for each and every station from the North pole to the South pole to send their call, over and over ad nauseam. 

Even worse than the previous example. The DX station replies to a station “W1AW 599" and  the callers continue calling. Are they: deaf, stupid, both deaf and stupid or just simply rude?
Do we now have we so little regard for others? What has happened to good manners and ham spirit? Have we degenerated into a bunch of unruly mongrels?
IMHO the DX stations should work these out of turn callers (get them of their backs), but they must not enter them into the log. Eventually the message will get through. 

Play by the rules or suffer the consequences



  1. I share your frustration Pierre. I work a lot of DX and often call in a SPECIFIC station based on a partially heard call-sign. It then becomes a real problem to keep the rest to remain quiet !!

  2. I agree with your rant 100% Pierre......some of the behaviour you hear on the bands today is disgusting, and I wonder how some of these "pure LIDS" ever managed to get a license!