Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Compulsive box ticking disorder

In view of the many discussions regarding the pros and cons of using the leader board facility on ClubLog;

I think the leader board is a great facility and would prefer to see it being used at all times, but I do see the argument against using it. There are simply far too many that suffer from compulsive-box-ticking-disorder (CBTD).

Maybe ClubLog should consider having an alternative leader board facility?

Have a tick-box for each and every band the expedition plans to operate on and place a tick regardless of the operating mode. Then have a tick-box for each of the following modes: CW, PH and DIG.

Assuming the expedition will be operating on 160m through 6m on all modes, then there will be only 13  tick-boxes (10 bands + 3 modes).

A further refinement to the above proposal might be to have a numeric value visible in the tick-boxes to indicate the number of QSOs. The objective should be to have only a 1 indicated in each band tick-box, a value of 2 or more should be frowned upon as being selfish and having little regard for the needs of others.

The above idea might satisfy most DX chasers?

We all love seeing how we fare against our peers and that is why we love the leader board, but there is simply no merit in working the station on each band in each and every mode.

The main objective should be to green out the band tick-boxes and to work the entity in each of the 3 modes.

Alternative ClubLog Leaderboard

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