Saturday, 5 November 2011

RaDAR contest - Nov 2011

I have just returned from taking part in the RaDAR (Rapid Deployment Amateur Radio) event. The RaDAR event is a fun activity designed to test one’s ability to rapidly erect a small field station and to operate independently from normal power sources. Ideally the entire station must be transported by human power to the operating site.

I chose to use my homebuilt K2 transceiver a small 6AH SLA battery and a link dipole antenna. I operated both on CW and SSB. All the QSOs were made on 40M. For some reason most participants are hesitant to try the higher bands.

The event took place over 6 hours, but after 2 hours I had enough of sitting flat on the ground and decided to call it quits.

I did manage to make 34 QSOs, 28 SSB and 6 CW QSOs. There is something very special about working CW, whilst being outdoors.

I was hoping to make a few DX contacts on 10M, but my untested antenna seemingly had a high SWR and I did not want to subject the K2 to this. Pity, since the 10M band seemed to be alive with CW activity.

Had fun all the same….


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  1. Sid, ZS5AYC will be promoting this year's November challenge, in Australia.