Wednesday, 16 November 2011

South African DXCC Standings

I received the following info from Chris Burger ZS6EZ (email below)

He has undertaken the mammoth task of tracking the progress of the various South African DX leader’s achievements. It makes for interesting reading.

Please assist Chris in providing him with feedback regarding omissions, errors or updates.

73, Pierre ZS6A


As you all know, I publish a number of lists of operating achievements by South Africans:

The most familiar are the Band Country Survey and the South African DXCC

Recently, I added an extract from the DX Foot Club:

This week, I started building a new addition: Lists of South Africans with WAS and WAZ.

I would imagine most of you have these awards, and you may also know others who do. Please let me have particulars, regardless of how incomplete they may be. Once we know that a certain individual had WAS or WAZ, we can start digging for more details. If you have a collection of old CQ magazines, please also see if you can contribute some information.
Lists were normally published monthly in the DX column.

Finally, I'm also in the process of adding a list of WAS scores on LotW.
The Triple Play has generated a lot of interest in WAS, and several South Africans are completing WAS on many different bands and modes. If you send me your scores (directly off LotW), I'll include them in the table. I'll probably place the file at:



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