Monday, 14 November 2011

ZONE 38 - Amateur Radio Chat

During the weekend I decided to start a face book group that provided Radio Amateurs with a platform to discuss any topic relating to our great hobby. There are other local groups using face book groups, but they all are limited to a particular aspect of the hobby. The initial idea was to have a focus was on the Southern Africa region, but there is no reason why anyone from other regions may not take part.

The ZONE 38 group might just be the thing to get more people involved in the culture of sharing interesting bits of information with each other.

We do have local amateur radio forums, but for various reasons they have become ineffective. The main forum is the one run by the South African Radio League (SARL). Unfortunately, recently they decided to restrict access to non-members and allow only members of the SARL access to the forum. This was a very big mistake in my humble opinion.

The FB group "ZONE 38" is open to all. Any Radio Amateur is welcome to join the group if they feel so inclined.

The group is in its infancy and it is way too early to know if it will succeed.

73, Pierre ZS6A

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