Monday, 14 November 2011

Richard G3CWI - QRPp PP3 Magic

The information below is quoted from the SOTA reflector.

Wow !!

This is a very remarkable achievement IMHO. Imagine all those QSOs with one single tiny 9V PP3 battery powering a 100 mW transceiver.

And some still don’t say QRP is for the birds?

73, Pierre ZS6A

Great short skip again today.

Battery: #1
Activation: #23
Summit: G/SP-013
Band: 30m
Finish Voltage at room temp: 7.79 Volts
QSOs: 25
New DXCCs: None
Cumulative QSOs: 268
Cumulative DXCCs: 18 (ON, S5, OK, PA, G, DK, I, LA, F, OE, HB9, HA, SM, 9A, EV, EA, OZ, GW)

**New World Record**

Thanks to all the regular callers - it's much appreciated!



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