Saturday, 11 June 2011

Hal Lund ZS6WB - Radio Amateur of the year 2011

Last Wednesday I attended the South African Radio Development Trust awards ceremony to collect an award on behalf of Hal ZS6WB.
Hal was awarded the “Garth Milne Technology Award 2011” This was in recognition of his dedication to technology in Amateur Radio and his contribution to the promotion of amateur radio satellite operation in South Africa.
Hal has done much to promote satellite activity in South Africa. 
Hal IMHO is a very worthy recipient of this prestigious award and I am very pleased to see that his efforts have been recognized by the SARDT.
The award function was very well attended and it was great to meet in person some of the voices that I have worked on many prior occasions.
The guest speaker Stafford Masie gave a most interesting and informative talk on developments in the IT industry especially as it pertains to hand held devices (cell phones) etc.

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