Saturday, 18 June 2011

Mike AA1TJ - 1D Cell QRPp

The following info copied from the QRP-L reflector.

Man, I just love this “wacky stuff”

Mike AA1TJ and his wife are on a long hike in Europe. The YouTube video shows him working a few stations with his minimalistic QRPp (75 mW) self built 20 m transceiver that operates from a single D-Cell battery.  

Notice how the RBN network also spotted him. Ironically the very same skimmer S50ARX, decoded my signal the other day.

IMHO Amateur Radio at its best ......

73, Pierre ZS6A

Dear All,

We're are in Engelhartzell tonight; only two more days of walking before we reach Passau. Everything has been FB so far except perhaps the propagation...but I won't complain given the beautiful weather we have had.

Tonight I finally managed to upload a short clip to YouTube.

I mistakenly list the call "OH6QP" near the end of the video. It should read "OH6BG". I also show the SNR as "7am" should read "7dB." The blisters are on my feet not my fingertips, so I'm afraid I have no excuse for the typos.

To date I've worked one station in Belgium and had RBN signal captures in Slovenia, Findland and Norway.

I hope to make a better presentation once I'm back at my home computer.

All the best,
Mike, OE/AA1TJ/QRPp/p

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