Friday, 17 June 2011

QRP - Does it work ?

Is the band open, where is my signal reaching, how well am I getting out?

I have no doubt we have all pondered the above questions. Are we getting out and if so, to where and how well are we being received?

Relying on someone answering a CQ call is not a very good indication of the above for a multitude of reasons. Some wont reply to a CQ if the already have the DXCC entity on band and mode, others simply don’t feel like chatting others might feel the signal is a bit too weak , so the list goes on…..

Well due to the brilliant work by a few very clever individuals we now don’t have to rely on QSOs to answer these important questions.

This system works like a charm. There are some 50 plus automated skimmer stations placed around the globe that monitor the various frequencies. The automatically decode CQ’s and the call signs and this info is placed on the RBN – Reverse beacon network for us to see in real time.

Looking at the results on the RBN site it is pretty obvious who is getting out well and who is not. You will notice when a big DX’er call he will be spotted immediately by some 10 skimmer stations.

What I find even more exciting is that we now have a means of seeing if are getting out on QRP.

Who needs anyone on the other side to answer the CQs now??

This is a great QRP tool.

Thank you !!

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