Thursday, 16 June 2011

SOTA Ossewakop ZS/MP-004

I was pleased to find and work the following mountain goats that activated Ossewakop  ZS/MP-004 during a SOTA adventure: Chris ZR6LJK, Willie ZS6WBT, Tom ZS6TMO and Gert ZS6GC.

Sure hope they will provide us with a trip report and some photos.

I see the scientists are predicting that we might be heading towards another “Maunders minimum” What a miserable thought. I sure hope they are wrong. I cannot help, but think trying to second guess the Sun is a waste of time. Maybe the Sun surprises us with a solar maximum that exceeds the 1958 cycle. Now that would be nice?

I have been monitoring 21.060 MHz all day and nothing heard. Scary stuff, maybe my antenna is unplugged?

Tomorrow 17 June is World QRP day. Maybe we get lucky…..

Have Fun !!

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