Saturday, 23 July 2011

Amateur Radio and the Internet

I have been a Radio Amateur since 1975 and prior to that I was a very keen SWL for quite a few years. 36 years later I am still very interested in this great hobby.

I think to a great extend it is due to the internet and what it has done for us as Radio Amateurs. I am referring to such things as, the DX Clusters (DX Summit), electronic QSL facilities such as LoTW and E-QSL, Online skimmers, the Reverse beacon networks, the abundance of HAM related web sites and the Blog sites of many interesting individuals.

There are few blog sites that I follow with great interest on a regular basis. Most of those I find most interesting share in similar interests as my own. That being CW, QRP, homebrew and kit built equipment and operating from some outdoors away from home venue.

This has led me to discover a few amateurs that inspire me and are listed below.  Some with blog sites some without, but interesting bits of info can be found them by using Google.

HB9DGV Rolf          
WG0AT Steve          
W2LJ Larry               
W1PID Jim Cluett     
PC4T Paul Stam       
AA7EE Dave Richards
ZR1AAH Allen          
ZS6BNE Eddie      

There are many more sites / amateurs I find that inspire me, this is just the ones that stand out most for now. Maybe the readers of this blog will also find them as interesting.

73, Pierre ZS6A

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