Tuesday, 26 July 2011

QRP contests - Preferred modes?

Well the provisional results for the QRP Winter contest has been released and I am pleased to see that it appears as if there has been quite a few newcomers that took part in the event.
It was even more pleasing to see that CW was very well supported. Sure hope this trend will continue.
I made almost all my CW QSOs with the HB-1a transceiver. The amount of pleasure to work some distant station using some 4 watts with a tiny transceiver barely the size of a paperback that in turn is powered by a few penlight batteries is just magical. Even after all these years of me playing with QRP it still blows my hair back!
Most of the QRP contesters used SSB and a few used both SSB and CW, with the odd one that used CW only.

That got me wondering, what transpires elsewhere in the world? I am under the impression that CW is used almost exclusively in QRP contests. Is that so? Or is SSB used. Most of the results I see from North America seem to be CW only events.

Extreme 6M mobile station:
I came across the following web site:
That is one serious 6M grid activator.

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