Thursday, 14 July 2011

Contesting Part 2

A few thoughts on QRP contesting continued.

It is rather frustrating to see the apparent lack of interest in local contesting in general in South Africa. I have often wondered why this is the case?

Consider the following:

The contests provide us with the ideal opportunity to see the bands come alive with activity on what otherwise would have been occupied by only QRM and QRN.
The contests are not only for the full blooded contestants, but also beneficial to those seeking QSOs and new QSLs towards awards for example: WAZS and ZS-WAGS etc….  
The contest also gives a very good idea of how effective (or ineffective) our station and antennas are performing.
Most of the local SARL contests are so structured that the various disciplines of our hobby all get recognized and thus actively promoted.
Participation is actively encouraged in all its forms, whether operating from the comforts of one’s shack with all the gadgets and programs, or operating from the field with a very minimalistic setup and everything in between.
Maybe it is pertinent to mention that all stations regardless of power or antennas used, may take part in all the SARL contests. It is not required, but submitting a log would be appreciated for the purposes of statistics and log cross checking.
However, if a station wishes to actively take part and wants to be in the running for a place then he/she must abide by all the rules of the contest in question.

Contesting is Fun !!


  1. Best QRP signal from ZS6 at my station in Fish Hoek during the contest.

  2. John,

    Thanks for the feedback.

    I have no idea how many div 6 stations took part.

    It does appear that some of the regulars were missing.