Thursday, 28 July 2011

ZS-WAGS Garmin GPX overlay file

I produced a small Garmin .gpx file that might be of value to those amateurs involved with the ZS-WAGS award.

The file can be down loaded from here:

This file must then be saved to your PC as e.g. “ZS-WAGS.gpx” in some convenient place such as My Documents.

When using the Garmin Map Source program this file can be opened, it will then result in 83 Magenta rectangles being drawn as an overlay on any of the map files that the user uses. The user may also consider to set the default position display to Maiden Head (use Edit/Preferences/Position/Grid select  Maidenhead Grid) The Maidenhead Grid locator below the cursor position will then be visible on the bottom left of display.

The same .gpx file can be up-loaded to a Garmin GPS. This will draw the Magenta boxes around all the 83 ZS-WAGS grid squares as an overlay. This makes it easy to identify that a grid boundary is being approached on the moving map display whilst mobile. The GPS can also normally be also set up to display Maidenhead locator if so desired

Hope this is of some value.

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