Tuesday, 24 September 2013

More (new) 10m QRM ??

It seems as if we have a new source of QRM on the 10m band.

The interference can clearly be seen in the screenshot below.

The interference seems to start at 28.000 MHz and is visible and audible to 28.050 MHz. The signal sounds like polling, with replies from a diffrent transmitter, each lasting about 5 seconds in duration.

The screen shot was taken on 28.028 MHz CW with a wide filter selected. The signal seems to strongest at 010 degrees (true north) from my locatiom KG43eu

This signal is being heard in Cape Town and in Johannesburg; I suspect that this signal is being heard world wide, possibly the signal originates from the ME or Russia?

Feedback: with signal strength, direction and possibly screen shots from others hearing the same will appreciated, either as a comment to this blog or a direct email: ZS6A@icon.co.za

10m QRM 28.028 CW 24 Sep 2013


  1. strong on 10mtrs here , diretction North ???

  2. It is strong today in the UK, as it always is.
    I have asked many DX stations about this, most can hear it around the globe.
    But from UK it is definitely strongest at EAST 90 degrees from London.
    It would suggest a Chinese origin, the VK hear it exactly due West....
    Steve M1BJR

    1. Steve,

      I have been informed that it is due to a OTH (over the horizon) Radar facility in Cyprus.