Friday, 13 September 2013

Club Log - Amazing online tool

I only recently discovered the potential of CLUBLOG

This is an amazing facility. It offers much more than checking ones progress whilst chasing a particular DX expedition i.e. ticking boxes.

The embedded statistical tools are great to analyse info after a DX expedition.  The stats reveal a great deal of interesting information.

Have a look at e.g. 3B9EME using the statistics tool: Expeditions / 3B9EME / Statistics

One can also upload one’s own log to Club log; this is where the fun starts. It offers a host of log management facilities such as keeping track of entities worked, confirmed and verified etc.

In addition to all the lists above it produces a host of fancy graphs and other statistical information.

Most important of all, this serves as an online backup ADIF backup of your precious log. The one on the PC which we never backup until it is too late.

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