Wednesday, 18 September 2013

XZ1Z - Myanmar bagged….

I am rather pleased to have at last worked Zorro XZ1Z

I was unable to work him on his previous trip, mainly due to my salt mine activity.

I have been chasing him non-stop for two days. The pileups from Europe and Asia are simply horrendous.

IMHO Zorro is doing a splendid job; it cannot be easy for a single operator facing an unruly pileup hour after hour without losing his cool. He is also a fine CW operator.

Not only has he activated a very rare DXCC entity, he uploads to Club log and to LoTW regularly.

I have just been informed that the LoTW uploads get done after the OQRS system is used. I suppose this is still much better than not using LoTW. Apparently the “profit” will be used towards the welfare of the children in Myanmar.


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