Friday, 27 September 2013

Feedback from DX expeditions

I stumbled across the following item: 

I am totally ignorant to the development of e-books and Kindles etc….

But, looking at the sample above makes me think that this could be a great way for the DX expedition stations to share their experiences with the world. This would be much better than the short reviews we see in the periodicals e.g. QST, since the review would not be limited by size.

I assume one could include a few sound clips in the text? If this is the case it could be the ideal way of telling the story.

A review of the expedition should contain many images and comprehensive information: from the planning phase, the travel, the antennas, the equipment, the team, the problems, the highlights, etc. and finally the statistics.

IMHO this would be better than a video?

I suspect if the cost of such a DX expedition electronic trip report was realistic, this could produce useful income to offset some of the costs encountered by the DX groups.


  1. Thanks for the link, Pierre - yet another way to help DXpeditions to offset some of their costs. I posted this to eHam's DX forum (,92437.0.html) as some folks there may be interested as well.



    1. Hi John,

      I am pleased to see that you also see the potential of this un-tapped resource.

      I followed the link and it seems as if there might be a misunderstanding. We do not require a e-book, we simply require a comprehensive trip report covering most of the aspects of the expedition, an extended article for a word rich in images and anecdotal information.

      Such an e-Trip report should not take very long to compile. There are no costs to produce such a trip report and best of all it does not require a full-fledged author to create such a document. It sure will be cheaper than taking professionals along on the trip to record the expedition.

      I think it could work as long as the expedition groups keep the price realistic for arguments sake at around $5 i.e. the price of a periodical?

      This will ensure a win-win situation.