Tuesday, 24 September 2013


A while back I saw some mention of a DX expedition to HB0 - Principality of Liechtenstein. I then followed the links to the web site of Roman. When I checked my log I realized that I had not yet worked HB0. I then set the alert in HRD to alert me if and when they were spotted.

I was very pleased to say that it worked, not only was I alerted to the activity I could hear Roman calling CQ.

The signals were not very strong, but I managed to work both Roman and Uwe on 15 and 20m respectively.

An all-time new DXCC and a SOTA summit to boot……

This is pretty cool considering they were both using K3’s, barefoot with fairly simple wire antennas and operating portable.


  1. That is great Pierre, I managed to get Roman on 15. You managed some good contacts yesterday

  2. Thanks for the call, Pierre! Your signal was loud an clear. I was surprised to hear a station from ZS.
    73, Roman