Tuesday, 22 April 2014

True HAM spirit

The link below points to the blog of Josep EA3AKY.

I believe Josep was approached by some locals to see what he could do to get C3 - Andorra active on 6m. Andorra is very rare and has not been heard or worked during this solar cycle.

The blog explains clearly why 6m activity from this tiny country is somewhat of a problem.

During this activation I spent the entire time from 0700Z to 1900Z listening out for them. During the late afternoon the South African operators were rather desperate. It seemed as if the band was not going to cooperate, then without any warning there was a brief opening and three of the northern stations managed to work C37AC. The best I got was a feint trace from them on Spectran and that was it.

Unfortunately, I did not have a QSO with them, but sincerely appreciate the time and effort Josep and his father made. This clearly shows that there are still a few very adventurous and unselfish radio amateurs around.

Thank you Josep

Andorra C3