Sunday, 18 May 2014

Ultralight radio

Keeping the weight low…. 

The above statement is easier said than done. I have been aware of size (bulk) and weight for a while now, but never approached the subject too seriously in the past.
Having a light, yet efficient trail friendly radio setup has become my new challenge.
It is quite amazing how quickly the bulk and weight adds up.

HB1-a CW QRP transceiver, paddle, battery, notebook and antenna system.
If I assume a weight of 400 grams for the antenna system. EFHWA + QRP AMU.

If I use a 3 AH SLAB then I am looking at a total weight of: 2,340 grams
If I use 8 AA batteries of about the same capacity then the weight = 1,280 grams

It seems the setup above is fairly compact, but I am not happy with the almost 2.5 kg weight. That equates to 2.5 Litres of water…. IMHO That is way too heavy.

I really should finish the Small Wonder Labs SWL-40 QRP transceiver and possibly have that powered by one of those fancy new LiPO batteries.

HB-1a powered by 3 AH SLAB