Thursday, 20 October 2011

Radio at its best – QSO with VE7SL

Yesterday I was on 10 metres chasing some very interesting and rare DX when I noticed that someone spotted  VE7SL on the cluster with a comment “CQ with homemade rig, FB !!!”

I immediately changed frequency to see if I could copy that station. I was pleased to see that the band was open to VE. I copied VE7SL loud and clear at around RST 579. I gave one call and he replied immediately and we had a very short QSO. His signal had a distinctive almost pleasant chirp, something we very seldom hear these days. When I started in HAM radio back in the early 70’s it was quite normal to hear the chirpy CW signals. I digress; I kept the QSO very short since I thought that Steve was busy chasing DX and I did not want to hold him up. At the end of the QSO I realized that in my haste to call Steve that I was transmitting split 1.3 kHz high and was rather surprised and puzzled how he was not fazed by my mistake.

Today I received an email from Steve and was thanking me for the QSO. In the email he referred me to his web site that explains the transmitter that he was using. The transmitter is a beautifully constructed “Longfellar” two stage valve transmitter.

Steve thank you, you made my day !!

This is Amateur Radio at its very best. Thanks for the QSO and sharing. Long live QRP and homebrew.


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